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Capture real-time data

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Capture Data


Deploy a range of smart sensors across secure local networks. Manage everything via the cloud, from device families to OTA updates. We'll equip you with everything you need to capture data already present at your commercial or industrial property.



Analyze Data


Harness the power of real-time sensor data to drive business decisions via a turnkey analytics and visualization platform. Spot trends, detect outlier information, and identify opportunity gaps. Integrate seamlessly with backend data storage in the cloud or on premise.


Your Infrastructure +

Our Technology =

operational efficiency

Industrial and commercial properties are constantly generating operational data that goes to waste because it's not captured to drive strategic business decisions.


Whether you operate an offshore rig, track inventory in a warehouse, manage commercial parking facilities, or run a shopping center with loads of foot traffic, we can make your infrastructure smart and connected. 

If operational data is an asset, then we are the key to unlocking its value.

Use Cases


Smart Parking

Enable dynamic pricing in response to real-time parking supply and demand data gathered by smart sensors deployed over a local network that's integrated with your backend pricing platform.


Public Transit Security

Mitigate security risks by monitoring population density, balancing security asset distribution, and the directing flow of foot traffic in response to real-time location data of travelers and  personnel in public infrastructure.


Commercial Intelligence

Capture and extract value from real-time foot traffic in your shopping centers to better inform merchant mix and layout. Leverage visitor location data to push relevant and targeted ads and real-time promotions based on merchant geo-fencing.


Industrial Security

Identify security threats and breaches to infrastructure at remote sites. Trigger real-time alarms. Contact emergency and security response teams without human intervention. Automate ex-post risk analysis and data collection.


Event Logistics

Supervise attendance logistics in real-time by tracking visitor locations on premise. Enhance event security by monitoring crowd aggregation points at arenas and other venues. Intelligently direct foot traffic vis-a-vis smart signage integration and management.

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Asset Tracking

Track facility assets on premise. Always know where high-value equipment and collateral are located. Setup smart check-points with time stamping. Monitor material workflows and transfer locations. Supervise when assets enter and leave premises for added security.

global operations

We serve industrial and commercial properties around the world. Data transcends cultures and borders. When we speak using data, we are sharing a common language to better business operations and efficiency anywhere around the globe.

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about us

Founded in 2008, we have been empowering infrastructural intelligence well before "IoT" was even a buzzword.


Our mission is to help commercial and industrial property operators make better business decisions by capturing and analyzing valuable on-site operational data.


Our products and solutions help you capture the latent data that are already being generated at your warehouse, manufacturing plant, commercial parking garage, sports stadium, shipping docks, or even public transit stations. 

Whether your properties are already in operation or under development, we can make it smarter. Choose from a selection of networked smart sensors to capture data. Or hook into our turnkey analytics and intelligence platform to gain actionable insights to drive operational efficiency for an end-to-end solution.


"Asset tracking is critical for us. Using OmniMind's Omni-Sense system, we deploy and coordinate thousands of sensor-managed checkpoints to ensure product moves through our production plants to outbound shipping and even to distribution centers.

Brian Smith, COO
Coca-Cola Company